Logistics services


We partnership Nº� LCL consolidator in the world. Our customers
prefer moving with us because of the strength of our network, serving
�,���+ direct trade lanes, connecting destinations, which reduces the
transit-time of your shipment and improves cargo security. Our ��+
years of experience in LCL consolidation gives you the advantage of a
service that has several benchmarks to its credit. With our advanced
professionals, local expertise and value-added services, we deliver
end-to-end logistics services for your cargo.


Our core carriers help you to move your cargo at an optimal transportation time
and cost. Our expertise and new age e-booking gives you better operational
control and improved efficiency while moving your cargo.
Moreover, we can customize according to your requeriment the transportation
of your cargo, you have complete support and assistance from our dedicated
FCL operations and advisory team.

Air freight

Rach Global Trade offer a worldwide niche expertise backed by strong experience in
international air freight services.
Our diversified teams have detailed knowledge of different kinds of aircrafts and are
well versed whit local regulations, customs, and compliances across different continents, ensuring the seamless movement of your cargo.

Our value added services

In many key markets, we provide value added services and inputs that
enhance customer experience and allow for better management of your
Our efforts, customer-centricity and focus to provide you a complete
range of logistics services are what make us and ideal logistics partner
across the world.

-Export LCL consolidation.
-Import LCL deconsolidation.
-Export FCL and import FCL.
-Multimodal transport operation.
-Gateway services.
-Dangerous goods handling.
-Household goods handling.
-Custom clearance.
-Local pickup and delivery (DAP/DDP).
-Palletizing, crating and packaging.
-Project logistics.
-Container freight station.

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